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"37 years and more than 31,000 hours of face-to-face consultation and training experience later, clients continue to emerge from my programs skilled, focused, energized, and likely to succeed in their quest of creating a more perfect version of themselves." 

My consulting style is patterned from the scholar-practitioner model which emphasizes learning about or recognizing problems, examining them closely, and searching for productive solutions. To function optimally the human body requires that we identify its needs, provide it those resources, and stay out of its way. That has been my strategy for client success since my early days as a trainer and nutrition/nutritional supplementation coach for Gold's Gym and their body building team in 1983.

Consultation services are provided face-to-face or virtually

           Services Menu (scroll down for full descriptions)

                    1. No cost "Meet and Greet" Consultation   

                           2. Nutritional Supplement Solutions Consultation

               3. Introductory Health Promotion Package

             4. Comprehensive Wellness Consultation

     5. Professional Weight Loss Services

6. The Family Wellness Makeover

                              7. Comprehensive Training & Consultation Package

               8. Hourly Consultation & Literature Review

               9. Keynotes, Presentations, and workshops

Disclaimer: Please understand that I don’t diagnose, treat or cure disease. I do provide knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to provide the body critical resources it needs to function optimally and fulfill its genetic mandate. Come and join me and our growing community.

Enjoy Blessings & Health,


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