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We are a Health Promotion consulting firm specializing in healthy aging, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, fat loss, fitness, and disease prevention. Wayne's expertise is designing ancestral health patterned lifestyle-optimization strategies leading to positive genetic expression, controlled cellular aging, health, and wellness.

Wayne consults at a professional level across multiple health and wellness disciplines simultaneously. He has practiced his craft since 1983 and has been recognized as a thought leader since the early '90s. This breadth and depth of knowledge have shown him that no two clients are physiologically the same or share the same life experiences. This mind/body diversity requires advanced and personalized health/wellness program design.

Disclaimer: WCHP does not diagnose, treat, or cure disease. W provides the knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to provide the body with the resources needed to function optimally and fulfill its genetic mandate. Come and join us and our growing community.

Enjoy Blessings & Health,


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Wayne Coolidge Health Promotion educates, supports, and empowers individuals and populations to create a more perfect version of themselves. Our clients lose fat, gain muscle, optimize metabolic health, and enhance well-being. Our most profound purpose is to allow people to thrive in all areas of their lives.

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The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

~Ann Wigmore

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Optimize Your Lifestyle to Enjoy Health, Hope, and Productive Longevity

Forty-one years and more than 37,000 hours of face-to-face consultation and training experience later, clients continue to emerge from my programs skilled, focused, energized, and likely to accomplish their goals and realize their dreams.


My consulting style is patterned from the scholar-practitioner model, which emphasizes learning about or recognizing problems, examining them closely, and searching for productive solutions. To function optimally, the human body requires that we identify its needs, provide it with those resources, and stay out of its way. That has been my strategy for client success since my early days as a trainer and nutrition/nutritional supplementation coach for Gold's Gym and their body-building team in 1983.


Consultation services are provided face-to-face or virtually.

           Services Menu (scroll down for full descriptions)

                    1. No cost "Meet and Greet" Consultation   

                            2. Nutritional Supplement Solutions Consultation

                3. Hourly Consultation & Literature Review

             4. Comprehensive Wellness Consultation

                                     5. Professional Weight Loss Consultation and Coaching

6. The Family Wellness Makeover

                               7. Comprehensive Training & Consultation Package

                       8. Shield Maiden Life Membership Subscription

                9. Keynotes, Presentations, and Workshops

Disclaimer: I don’t diagnose, treat, or cure disease. I provide the knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to provide the body with the resources needed to function optimally and fulfill its genetic mandate. Come and join me and our growing community.

Enjoy Blessings & Health,


Lunch Meeting


When Health Becomes an Issue for You or Someone You Love, MEET WITH ME!

This is a 15-minute phone consult designed to help you sort out your thoughts and needs relative to wellness. Are you a prime candidate for Wellness Consultation? Am I the most compatible and qualified practitioner to guide you to your healthy aging and wellness goals? What are your goals? What programs or services are best for you?

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Take the guesswork out of your nutritional  supplement regimen

This is a 50-minute consult designed to serve those seeking guidance toward an individualized, safe, and effective nutritional supplement solution. It is offered at 30% off my hourly rate to encourage people to take this exceptionally positive step toward controlling cellular aging and improving their wellness status. I’ll introduce a customizable anti-aging/wellness-enhancing nutritional supplement plan to take the mystery and guesswork out of your efforts.

Cost: $175.00

Informative Interview


Contract for exactly what you need

Do you have questions regarding food/supplement science, exercise physiology, substance abuse, alternative therapies, or any number of health-related issues? Bring all of your questions to the table for a personalized lifestyle review designed to put you solidly on the path to health and wellness.

Do you get lost in the scientific literature? Do you distrust popular literature? You should! Personalized Scientific Literature Review is a valuable service that typical "Health Coaches" are not qualified to provide. I will uncover the validated scientific information you seek and report the answers to you privately and discreetly in a language you can understand.


An hour of my consultation time is charged at a straight rate of $250 per 50-minute "counseling" hour. The research service is very popular with my clients and is charged at 1 hour for 60 minutes of work.

Cost $250 per hour


An influential and powerful lifetime health and wellness benefit

This consultation blends ancestral health principles, the science of epigenetics, and clues from each client’s unique physiology and experiences to create a custom-designed lifestyle optimization and management plan. This 3-part, 2-session package includes a Pre-Conference Survey and a research-based Report of Findings. 


An electronic version of my book (cover above) is provided to save thousands of dollars worth of consultation time, typically billed by health coaches for general health information exchanges. 

Cost: $695 ($850 value)

Diet Salad


Benefit from 41 years of successful experience in the field of energy balance and weight control.

Few, if any, human endeavors have been met with as much failure as the attempt to healthfully and efficiently lose body fat long-term. Weight loss is an opportunistic industry designed to create bottom-line profits rather than bottom-line results. I’ve guided hundreds of individuals through the complex process of losing excess body fat safely, effectively and efficiently.


My clients have ranged from a 480-lb. woman needing to lose 200 lbs. as a condition for undergoing double knee replacement surgery (case study in the book) to competitive bodybuilders trying to cut those last ounces before a competition.


I utilize my experience and academic preparation to help you develop a plan incorporating your unique physiology, personality, and past
experiences to succeed

at fat loss, perhaps for the first time. This is a 3-part, two-session package.

Cost: $695 ($850 value)

Family Cooking


A strong and positive life/family-altering Intervention.

Positively reinforced health habits integrated into the family dynamic will pay generational wellness and social AND academic benefits. Children raised in an environment stressing healthy lifestyles can have their brains genetically altered – "hard-wired" – and become prompted to continue those healthy lifestyle characteristics throughout life.


The “Wellness Makeover” protocol requires that we observe the environment in which your family functions to generate sound, scientifically validated solutions (that’s code for we’ll try to sneak a peek into your pantry). It’s a 4-part, three session intervention. Identifying and utilizing tricks and tips to synchronize the entire family and get them on board with moving toward a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of this offering.

Cost: $880

CrossFit Equipment


Totally personalized fitness, health, and wellness immersion below my 1994 prices!

This Personal training/wellness consultation package consists of 8 personal training sessions and 2 hours of dedicated wellness consultation per month. It is patterned after my $295 “unlimited weekly training” packages offered during the 90’s.

I limit this service to 4 or 5 clients at a time depending on my workload and publishing schedule. I have training privileges at a specific gym but can provide instruction as a training partner in facilities that I currently do not have personal trainer privileges.

I am making this $1,070 package available for $970 which is more than $200 per month less than my 1994 price.

Cost: $970 per month

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Discover elite nutritional health, mind-set, and fitness by mimicking lifestyles of the healthiest and most empowered women in history.

Release Your Inner Shield-Maiden by studying and incorporating lifestyle characteristics from an ancient culture characterized by the most physically and mentally strong ladies the earth has ever known. This is a Scandinavian culture based lifestyle optimization program based on the lives of the female warrior Shield-maidens of Norse legend.

Shield Maiden Life provides members  professional guidance and skills to create an exhilarating mind/body transformation in a low cost, supportive, community setting.  Join like-minded women learning and growing from courses, blogs, community chats, webinars, videos, and pod casts.

Contact Wayne Coolidge for information on special "founding member" perks and how you can receive a one hour wellness consultation ($200.00 value) for $49.95, an 75% discount.

Join on our sister site

Cost: $19.95 per month



Go to "Presentations" on Home Page header for in-depth information

Topics can be offered in presentation, lecture, seminar, or workshop formats. They can be re-tooled or custom designed to best meet the health/wellness needs of your employees, group, or organization. Dozens of topics are available. 

Wayne's speaking uniquely blends cutting edge science, experience, and wit to educate and encourage others on their quest for a Healthy Dynamic Living Lifestyle.

Cost is negotiable.


Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense.

~Henry Miller


500 S. Main S. Mooresville, NC 28115

704 388 5119

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